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SCOUT: On the Road with SouthernSun
Our Podcast series highlights SouthernSun’s unique investment philosophy/process and our research around the globe by diving into our travels, portfolio companies, and more on our philosophy and process surrounding these investments. Join us as we scout for unique investment opportunities and get to know the great people behind many of the companies in our portfolio.


SCOUT Podcast, Episode 5 – “The Sound of Silence”


Sit back and enjoy today’s latest episode of our podcast, “SCOUT: On the Road with SouthernSun” about Armstrong World Industries, a company within the SouthernSun portfolio that:

In the ceilings industry, Armstrong boasts more than a 50% market share. Its closest competitor is less than half Armstrong’s size. And this is not just a passing trend … Armstrong has had this stronghold for about 30 years.

Armstrong management has a track record of reinvesting in its core business to reinforce and enhance its strong competitive position. Since 2016, Armstrong has returned to shareholders over $1 billion in dividends and share repurchases.

One of the oldest American companies, Armstrong finds itself being the answer to its customers’ ceiling needs. Its industry-leading service levels engender customer loyalty.  And its consistent rate of new products and services show that it is a company that doesn’t rest on its laurels – rather, Armstrong strives to continuously meet the evolving needs of its customers.

SCOUT Podcast, Episode 4 – “Making Spirits Bright”


If you enjoyed a few celebratory spirits and craft cocktails over the holiday season, we think you’re sure to like this SCOUT episode. Today we bring you the story of MGP Ingredients – your favorite company that you’ve never heard of…until now. MGP might not be a household name, but perhaps you know of some of its popular whiskey and tequila brands, such as George Remus Bourbon and El Mayor Tequila. But, it’s not just spirits for MGP. The company is also a leading supplier of plant-based food products in the B2B sector. As CEO Dave Colo says, “MGP was plant-based before plant-based was cool.”

SCOUT Podcast, Episode 3 – “Meet You at the Pitch”


It may not be immediately obvious what a rugby team and a chemical distributor have in common, so we invite you to join us to find out! In this podcast, you will gain insight into Univar’s business and philosophy. Learn why the book, Legacy – written about the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team – is required reading for all Univar leaders. And dive deeper with SouthernSun’s Phillip Cook and Mike Cross as they bring you a SCOUT-exclusive interview with Univar CEO, David Jukes.

SCOUT Podcast, Episode 2 – “It’s All Bearings Nowadays”


In this episode, Mike Cross introduces you to a company that literally makes the world go around: The Timken Company. Let’s go on a virtual tour of Timken’s high-tech Tyger River facility that makes tapered roller bearings for wind towers and discover why “it’s all bearings nowadays.”